Broad knowhow in various fields of design, the ability to read client needs and cooperate with marketing and strategy experts, are the main services Nadiv Creative Consulting offers. This site demonstrates expertise in both Branding and Design fields, scroll down or click on the four main Branding examples underneath.
From the top left: Stiftung RgZ – Basic design elements for handicuped foundation. Ilumera Lighting Solutions – naming, symbol and appearance. BB Biotech – branding, communication and editorial concepts, Hirslanden – print system.
An Image Cookbook, a present from BB Bank am Bellevue to its clients. A concept developed with the bank teams, the recipes reflect on fund products character.
Ciolina seasonal direct mailing.
Redesign of a traditional symbol of Landolt Wines. Implementation of identification elements on wine cork, bottles, product catalogues and company trucks.
A 3D concept for Expo traveling tent, promoting the exhibition.
Erotic cookbook, inspired by the bible's Song of Songs, published by arsEdition.
A Cookbook dedicated to sweet forbiden delights, published by Werd Verlag.